If you’re on gbatemp you’ve already seen these screens:

Help Screen 1 Help Screen 2

But I tried to translate it a little further, and came up with this.

Also what I thought was funny:

Wrong translation

the person, which started with the translation, translated 読み込む as “Read”, it’s better to call it load, because as far as I know you load a save file. And I think in computer terminology it almost always means “to load”. And the writing moves when you select the button and unselect it (the writing on the yellow button is a little bit further on the left). But no hate there, I’m almost certain that I’m gonna make some mistakes and I can’t even do images myself. :D

Also i have to say, it’s challenging to come up with a translation that is understandable but not too big for the textbox.

I think this will be the last post for this week, because of my exam. I’m gonna work as hard as I can on this project, after I finished my exam. Thank you for reading and stay tuned.