I’m Flyingsky, a very curious person!
I’m not afraid of learning something new or failing on the way of doing so.
Quite the opposite, it excites me when I finally figure out how to do something difficult.
My interest mostly lies in binary reverse engineering, but I like challenging myself and trying something new.

I wrote a (german) whitepaper and proof of concept exploits for a few wordpress vulnerabilities for an IT-Security class in university, which also included a 30-minute long presentation.
I’ve also worked on a Japanese to English translation of a game called Maple Story 3DS with others.
My tasks were reverse engineering and translating.
Another piece of Software I wrote is streaming for the 3DS. It allows you to wirelessly project your 3DS screen to your PC for recording purposes.

My skillset includes:

  • Binary Reverse Engineering
  • In-depth Linux knowledge
  • Experience with Python, C and C++
  • Experience with embedded systems
  • Electronics knowledge
  • Fluency in English and German
  • Advanced level in Japanese

Got a job for me or want to contact me?